Raw and Vegan Cooking Supplies

Ready to get cooking some great vegan dishes? You may need a few important things first. We use and recommend the products below. We don’t recommend anything that we don’t use ourselves.This page will be continually updated as we discover new products that either enhance our health, or make us more efficient in food preparation.

Cooking Essentials

Vita-Mix Commercial Model with Variable Speed Knob #1002

Vita-Mix Commercial Model with Variable Speed Knob #1002
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The Vita-Prep Professional Commercial Model with Variable Speed Knob is for specific use in professional kitchens and smoothie bars. It does it all… it acts as a juicer, a blender, and a mixer!

The health benefits of eating less processed, less refined foods are well documented. However, preparing whole foods wasn’t always the easiest or best-tasting choice. Owning a Vitamix can change all that forever. With the flip of a switch, you discover that creating delicious and healthy raw, vegan and vegetarian meals is more fun and easy than you ever imagined.

Champion Juicer - Commercial Model (US Model)

Champion Juicer – Commercial Model (US Model)
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The Champion Juicer is a “mastication” juicer. This machine is a must for anyone trying to raise kids on The Raw-Food Diet. Makes raw baby food in just minutes! Also makes raw “ice cream,” pates, dips, etc. The Champion chews and presses the fibers and breaks up the cells of fruits and vegetables.


Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil, 15-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 2)
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Nutiva’s coconut oil is cold-pressed, organic extra-virgin coconut oil, with its light taste, pleasant aroma, and pure white color, and industrialized coconut oil, with its bland taste, faint aroma, and off-white color. Please note that any tiny brown specks found at the bottom of Nutiva’s coconut oil are from the coconut fiber and are indigenous to extra-virgin coconut oil. It is deliciously healthy cooking oil. Better than butter and are USDA organic. Unrefined with no trans fats, rich in lauric acid.

  • Pack of two 15-ounce jars (total of 30 ounces) USDA-certified-organic, extra-virgin coconut oil
  • No refrigeration required; solid at room temperature and melts at 76 degrees
  • Use as cooking oil, butter substitute, shortening substitute in baking, and massage/body oil
  • Product of the Philippines

KAL Nutritional Yeast Flakes
Only $14.46

Description: * Full spectrum of essential amino acids * Balanced variety of B Vitamins * Naturally low in fat and sodium * Primary grown for human consumption * Certified Kosher (Excluding Passover) * Candida albicans free * Typical analysis: Protein 50%, Nucleic Acids 8-10% (approx 10% DNA, 90% RNA) 1.28-1.44g Size: 22oz Powder

  • Serving Size – 1 scoop
  • Does Not Contain: Candida albicans, added wheat, corn, milk, egg, soy, glutens, sucrose, animal derivatives, artificial colors, starch or preservatives, non-GMO.